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Hello, I’m Grace – nice to meet you, and welcome to my new blog!

Life has been a fair journey for me so far, I am happy to say, but that does not mean that I have not had my own share of life’s ups and downs. Of course I have. But as many wise people have often said, “It is not what happens along the journey that matters, it is what you get when you arrive at your destination”. So, in other words, it is a good thing to set yourself a goal – “a destination”, and find the right route or routes to help you get there. That is where I come in.

The purpose of my blogs is mainly to help you achieve your positive goals in life. In addition to my own thoughts and ideas, I will regularly direct you to tried-and-tested methods that have been found to work for other people, methods which you too can try.

It is my hope that your destination is to reach Self-Actualization – that is the ability to attain the very best of who or what you are meant to be.

When one is down, the usual thought that runs through one’s head is: “Why me?” That is accepting that you are a victim of some sort. However, a more positive way to look at things is to think constructively and ask: “What can I do to help myself out of this mess…?” Usually, the Universe has answers for you, if you learn how to listen… Being proactive rather than reactive is always the better way to live one’s life.

So on my blog, I’ll be documenting my findings so far from my journey into the industry of Self-help, Self-Motivation, Self-Transformation and Self-Actualization, including what works, what doesn’t work, and everything in between.

I’m all about giving value, so stay tuned for my step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and helpful tips.

Finally, to learn more about me, my story and how I’ll be helping you achieve your goals, please check out my
About Me page.

I’ll be in touch,

Dr Grace Anderson.

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