Thought Elevators – Raise Yourself from Negative Shadows.

Thought Elevators – Change Your Negative

Mindset, Live the Life of Your Dreams…


At some point in our lives, we are “beaten” by circumstances that seem  

to create a mountain of problems. It could be anything:

  • The death of a loved one
  • Loss of one’s income or livelihood
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mountain of Debts
  • Separation from a loved one
  • A Break-up, divorce
  • Ill-health
  • Depression

And so on and so forth…..


So, how do you stop yourself from giving up and becoming desperate?

People have different ways of dealing with traumatic events in their lives:

Some people turn to drugs, get “hooked” and waste their lives…

Others become violent, seek out who ever they thought caused their                  

problems and get put in prison for their crimes..

Some people seek help from family members

Others seek help from Counsellors and other Professionals

Yet others seek help from God, going to their religious leaders

for prayers and words of comfort.


Others go within themselves, engage in meditation or contemplation…

Whatever you choose to do, remember that the choice is

always yours and yours alone.And that each choice you make will have

its consequences. It’s always best to take a step back and calm yourself down,

before deciding on what steps to take.

Seek Help.

There is no harm in admitting defeat and seeking help from those around

you who may have the relevant experience or resources to help you.

If you believe in the concept of the Universe as a benevolent force

that is ready to assist you when you seriously ask for help then this

amazing product: “Thought Elevators”  by Eric Taller can help you                                      

reprogramme your mind to think more positively and unleash

all the good things you wish for. Following the programme, listening to the Uplifting Sounds

will help you lift yourself out of the morass of deep negativity to glorious positivity:

So that you can then recharge the following:                                                     

  • Your hope
  • Your aspirations
  • Your Zeal to achieve
  • Your will to get out and get something positive done
  • Your ability to “Count Your Daily Blessings” and be grateful
  • Your energy to get out there and “conquer the world”!!

Remember: “Everything changes” – no situation remains the same for too long.

Everything changes..and your mindset will determine whether it changes

for the better or for the worse..

I always choose the Positive Mindset.. it’s easier for me.

What about you? 

Find out more about the “Thought Elevators” here.

Just click this link.

Here’s to your happiness!

Dr Grace Anderson.



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