Who Needs A Success Coach or a Life Coach?

Who needs a Life Coach or a Success Coach?                                              

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and others

struggle so hard before they achieve their goals?

The answer is, those who succeed quite quickly usually have a Coach,

a Teacher, or a Particular Resource that teaches them exactly what to do

so they are able to save time, save their effort and move quickly towards

achieving their goals. People often say it’s better to follow an established

path rather than try to reinvent the wheel.

Let’s look at a few scenarios.

Babies and Parenting

When a baby is born, both baby and the new mother need coaching.

The baby gets taught how to suckle its mother’s breast for survival,

And the new mother has to be coached, perhaps by her own mother,

or a nurse, on how to breastfeed her baby for best results.

I have heard several young parents complain over the fact that there are no

written guides on how to be a good and happy parent, in order to succeed

in bringing up good and happy children.

Perhaps, if every young parent were assigned a life coach or parenting

coach, right at the beginning, a whole lot of mistakes in children’s upbringing

would be avoided. The lack of expert guidance (the role of a Coach)

has caused the world a lot of pain!

Teachers and Coaching

You could say, that by their nature and training, teachers tend to make

excellent coaches – don’t blame me if I seem a little biased – after all,

I was a teacher for about 45 years, so, have been there, and done it…

The fact is, you are trained to teach and to coach other people under you;

your students, and even your colleagues if, say, you are a head of

Department, a Head Teacher or a group leader within your school.

Students and their parents also look up to you. That does not mean that

you yourself do not need a coach, You do! A good teacher is always willing

to learn new skills and new ways of helping others achieve

success…it’s in a teacher’s DNA!

But how is a Life or a Success Coach different from a teacher?

Life Coaching and Success Coaching

Life Coaching and Success Coaching are different from

just teaching others what to do.

As a Success or Life Coach, you allow the Coachee to choose his/her

own Path and all you do is help him/her walk that path successfully.

That path is the road that will lead them to achieve their goals.

So, as a Success Coach you help the client do the following:

  • Map out their main aspirations with them
  • Help them sort these aspirations out into priorities.
  • Help them Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and give them various resources to enable them to achieve those goals.
  • Listen to them and encourage them to work out their own possible solutions – that way, they will be able to own their own course of action, rather than have it tossed upon them by you.
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals represent the following: setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time-restricted.

We will look at the process of setting S.M A R T Goals next time. In the meantime, watch this Video about the benefits of having a Life Coach.

 To answer my question: Who needs a Life Coach or a Success Coach? My answer is: every one of any age, who needs to make progress in whatever field they are currently in, or would want to be in.

So, perhaps, that probably includes you? Well, feel free to laugh…!!

Great coaching can be transformational. Great coaching by a Success Coach can cause dramatic improvements in both professional and personal situations.

Please feel free to let me know where I can be of any help to you or someone you know … Click this.

Until next time, be happy!!






Dr Grace Anderson.





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