Creating the right Mindset for your Success


Subject: Creating the right Mindset for Success.

Last time, we looked briefly on how to set Specific, Measurable,

Achievable, Realistic and Time Related Goals – (S.M.A.R.T. Goals).

Today, we will look at the concept of “Mindset”.

So, what do we meaning by creating the right “Mindset” for your success?


Your beliefs can often impact on your state of happiness in your life.

Limiting beliefs will always stop you taking any positive action.

If you believe you can, you will often be able to find a way to

fulfill that goal. But if you believe you can’t, then you are most likely

to give up on your goal, even before you got started.

Your mind is very powerful. Harness the power of your mind

and direct it to positive goals and outcomes.

Constantly tell your mind: “Yes, I can!” and see your

limiting beliefs fly out of the window!

Many famous people have written a lot on how to channel your

thinking into being positive rather than negative.

You may have heard of the book: The Secret by Simon

and Schuster, which wholly emphasizes the immense

creative power that is within each of us – our ability to create

our own world and make it exactly as we would like it to be,

often by using the power of visualization –

“If you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your life”.
Watch below, what the famous Motivational Guru, Tony Robbins,

has to say about The Money Mindset.         

I have always believed that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to,

even though, I also realize that I must be realistic.

Having the right mindset is paramount to having success in your life.

If you believe you can, the Universe, operating with your mind, will set wheels in

motion that will enable you achieve your goal.

You may also have heard of Napoleon Hill‘s little, but most powerful book,

Think and grow richI read Think and Grow Rich as

a young English graduate, struggling to provide

for my young family, long ago, in Nigeria, as far back as 1972.

It opened my eyes to my own abilities. So, I started to write

Newspaper articles for the Nigerian Observer, and TV Dramas

for The National Television. I also became a Part-time Broadcaster

for the NTV in Benin City.

I got paid quite well for all my efforts and that income, added to

my full-time teaching job, brought in enough money for me to

support my young family of three children and a husband

who was studying for his Law Degree at the time.

I set my goals realistically – using all the resources I had available.

I believed in ME!  I had faith in my own ability to succeed.

I knew I needed to work hard, lose some sleep, and work even harder.

Best of all, I believed in God..knowing that He would help reinvent my

skills and make me successful!

Those were tough, yet, very happy and inspirational years.

Believe you can, and you certainly will!!

Watch this Video to see what I mean…


Till next time..

Dr Grace Anderson.

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