Can Being Spiritual Help You Succeed?

Hello every one, have a Happy Sunday!

So, can being Spiritual help you succeed?

I have often come across people who don’t believe that being spiritual is a necessary aspect

of our lives. And then there are some who say they believe, but all they want is for people

to follow whatever path they are in – as if that path is the ONLY WAY to God or Spirituality

for that matter. Being spiritual in the right way, helps you focus on what is good in yourself

as well as what is good in other people. Seeing the good in others helps us keep a positive

outlook to life, and being positive enables us to plan well, take the right actions and

succeed well in life. Negativity holds us back.

When I was a young person, my parents taught me to believe in God.

When I asked them why?

My Father said, “Because, God made you, gave you your

breath and protects you. If you believe in Him and acknowledge His presence

in your every day life, then you can rest assured that all will be well.

Why, because He loves  you and wants you to succeed in your life”.

I have trusted my father’s wise words since then .. and God has been there for

me every step of the way.

Simple Faith in God and in ourselves – that’s all we need.

Believe in God, but more importantly, believe in yourself and your capabilities…

Do all you can, and I mean 100% of all you can, then God will take care of the rest!

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Have a restful Sunday!!

Dr Grace Anderson.

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