About Me

So, who am I?

I bet you are wondering, “What makes her think she can help me in any way?”

The truth is, I am also still learning, so, I will be happy for you to join me in exploring the best things that have helped people succeed and are still helping many people succeed. Maybe, you can even add some of your own wisdom to what we will all be learning? It would be highly appreciated.

As a Success Coach, I am passionate about helping people improve their lives. I share amazing success strategies that many people have found extremely helpful.

So, here’s a brief introduction of who I am.

I am Grace Anderson, a retired teacher. My qualifications include BA (Hons) English, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Masters in Guidance & Counselling and Ph.D in Educational Management & Counselling.

For my blog, I will apply my life’s experiences, as well as my training as a Life Coach, with a main focus on Success Coaching. I am also a qualified Life Coach, with a Diploma in NLP – (Neuro Linguistic Programming); you can check it out here: http://www.amazingsuccesscoach.co.uk.

I became an English teacher at an early age, when I first obtained an Honours degree in English at Nigeria’s Premier University, University of Ibadan. I started teaching in a well-known all Girls’ Secondary School in Nigeria, called Idia College, Benin City. After many successful years as the Head of English Department and Deputy Head Teacher, I was appointed the Principal of Emotan College, a new Girls’ Secondary School in Benin City. I excelled as a School Head, being acclaimed as an Outstanding Head Teacher during the period of almost 10 years that I managed the school.

Emotan College grew from a small school with 200 girls, into the best Model Girls’ Secondary School for over those years. I had 1600 Students in the school when l left. My greatest passion was to help my students and my teachers succeed…and they did that in all aspects of school life – Academics, scoring high grades in their School Certificate Examinations, winning School Contests like Sports, Creative Arts like Singing, Drama, Cultural Dances etc. I am still really proud of them and humbled by the blessings we all enjoyed together. I was extremely happy to serve.

I moved to London in 1990 and taught English in several Schools, mostly as Head of English Departments. These schools include Geoffrey Chaucer School in South East London, Eastlea Community School, Canning Town, East London, Bow Boys School, East London, Beths Grammar School in Bexley, Kent, Erith School in Kent and most recently, Kingsdale Foundation School, London. In all my 46+ years of teaching, my greatest strength was always in my ability to help and nurture my students, in such a way that they were highly motivated and well able to achieve their highest potential.

My other passion is Creative Writing. I have three published novels, poems and some short stories: http://www.graceukalaswritings.com

Dizzy Angel – University Press Ltd, Ibadan (1985)
The Broken Bond – University Press Ltd, Ibadan (1981)
Ada in London (2005) – Outskirts Press, USA (2005)

My desire to help people find solutions has also resulted in my new website: http://www.myproblemssolved.com, covering excellent products related to Health, Wealth, Fitness and Beauty. We have selected tried and tested Products on Weight Loss, Dieting, Healthy Eating Cookbooks, Fitness programmes, Natural Remedies and many more. You can check out the website by clicking on this link: http://www.myproblemssolved.com.

Perhaps, one other thing that qualifies me, is the invaluable experience I have had bringing up my six successful children – three boys and three girls – all grown up now and successful in their own fields. Not only that, I am also a very proud grand mother!

My life has not always been rosy. I have had my own share of heartaches and divorces. Luckily, I am now quite happily married again! So, maybe, I haven’t always made the right choices. But one thing I have always done pretty well, is to keep going and never give up!

I am quite excited about this learning Journey that we are embarking on together! So, do stay with me.

I’ll be in touch.

Dr Grace Anderson.

Amazing Success Coach.